SailPoint: The Power of Identity


  • SailPoint is the leader in enterprise identity management which brings the Supremacy of Identity to customers around the world. SailPoint’s open identity platform gives organizations the power to enter new marketplaces, scale their employees, embrace new technologies, modernize faster and compete on a universal basis.
  • In today’s software era, data security is often a major factor to success. Nevertheless, the need to safeguard/protect financial information and other delicate data must be balanced with providing required access to data and resources across your organization’s technology environments.
  • Here at Delivery Centric, we have aligned with SailPoint to deliver you with the finest, most effective Identity Governance Solutions system in the industry and are the favoured partner for managed services and hosting for SailPoint Identity Governance Solutions. When implemented, SailPoint can offer your organization with the capability to integrate visibility and control, program essential identity compliance controls and lifecycle processes, vigorously measure and monitor dangers related with both users and resources, and more. If you’re interested in implementing SailPoint as your Identity Governance Solutions.
  • SailPoint Identity Governance Solutions, delivers greater visibility and control over user access to applications and data while streamlining the access request and delivery process.
  • SailPoint enables Organizations to answer the three critical Questions

Designed for today’s modern enterprises, IdentityNow provides:

  • Built-in identity governance best practices
  • Easy-to-use dashboard designed for business analysts to administer
  • Self-service password management and access request
  • A multi-tenant SaaS solution
  • Integrate with leading Privileged Account Management (PAM) solutions

Designed for large enterprises with complex environments, IdentityIQ enables you to:

  • Govern fine-grained entitlements in SAP
  • Control access to AWS cloud platforms
  • Integrate with leading Privileged Account Management (PAM) solutions
  • Address complex workflows and configurations
  • Deploy via cloud or from your data center

Our Goal

Is to connect with the right people with the right technologies at the right time.

Sailpoint Empowers organizations to:

  • Manage compliance
  • Authorize users
  • Automate provisioning
  • Provide on-demand visibility

 Is a complete governance-based IAM solution that delivers fast, suitable access that keeps business users productive, and access controls that keep the business safe.

  • It integrates compliance management and provisioning in an integrated solution that influences a common identity governance framework. Because of this approach, IdentityIQ progressively applies business and security policy and role and risk models across all IAM activities

A Smarter Way to Manage Identity

  • Managing access to information in today’s energetic, data-driven atmosphere is a challenge, to say the very least — and one that needs much more from identity and access management (IAM) solutions than ever before.
  • To be effective, these solutions must deliver access to all the applications and information that business users need, when they need it, from anywhere they need it — while at the same time safeguarding enterprise security policies are constantly enforced. And they must provide the transparency and proof of strong controls required to satisfy audit and compliance requirements.

The value we carry with SailPoint

Strong partnership

Our vast SailPoint knowledge lets us bring you best solutions no matter where you are in the Identity Governance Journey, enabling your business, improving risk and compliance management and driving cost savings and capabilities.

True customization

Delivery Centric and SailPoint help deliver identity governance solutions customized to the clients requirements . From strategy through execution, we help deliver what our clients need in order to accomplish sustainable and cost-effective identity vigilance for their company.

Flexible Staff as a service

Delivery Centric Pty Ltd has internal IT staffing necessary to implement and manage a complete cybersecurity program. And even if staffing is adequate, your top IT professionals should be focusing on creating new solutions and managing the network, not on the chores and routine work of access management. Our managed solutions are the “wind in your sails” for SailPoint provisioning and management.