Pega BPM Solutions

We partner with Pega Platform which orchestrate Work from Start to finish with the Recognized Leader in Case Management, automate Business Processes with the Leading Intelligent BPM Software, build and Modify Apps with Visual App Development, providing Visibility across Business Silos, reduce Compliance Risk with Orchestrated Regulatory Compliance. Our expertise in intelligent Business Process Automation solutions are one of another core practice values to carry ground-breaking applications which can be deployed on premises or on cloud.


  • Case Management
    • Case Management is a Business Practice that helps you deliver outcome driven results. Case Management automates service-level agreements, escalation, and audit trials so that you can provide a quality, end-to-end customer experience. It brings together people and information needed to get work done completely and correctly throughout the entire life-cycle of a case

dyamic case management Delivery Centric

  • Pega 7 Platform
    • Partnering with Pegasystems to bring solutions for Businesses who actively seek for engaging more users through Omni-Channels.
  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions
    • Enterprise Mobility Solutions for smart clients, leverage “Build once, Access anywhere and in any device” Principles based intelligent frameworks and technologies.
  • BPM Solutions
    • Scalable and Highly Available Cloud Applications for mission critical business needs.
    • To build Enterprise Business Applications using Pega 7 Platform with 6.4 times faster than Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE).

Pega 7