Okta offers a prescriptive methodology for successful deployments. Their standardized processes, methods, and tools deliver reliable, measurable, and predictable results, to reduce risk and increase speed to market.

The challenge of enterprise identity management

As you move to the cloud and begin to embrace the Internet of Things, identity and access management plays a critical role in your success. With a solid handle on the identity of every person, device, and connected smart object within your network and beyond, you can manage and secure that increasingly amorphous digital perimeter.

But identity management is a multifaceted solution with many layers to consider. In a large, global organization, you face potential challenges, such as these:

  • Many cross-organizational stakeholders and project participants
  • Entrenched on-prem infrastructure
  • Need for cloud-based identity management knowledge and experience
  • Compressed timelines

 Okta technology is just the beginning. Okta and Delivery Centric can be your Identity partner for the long-term, with a globally integrated services team of experts in cloud-based identity management, security, and mobility. Okta’s results-oriented approach is designed to help meet your business objectives through a six-phase, prescriptive methodology.

Delivery Centric with Okta offers a full menu of services, customized to your project, addressing risk mitigation, time to value, and return on investment. You can count on us as your main implementation partner, from beginning to end.

Time to Value: Fast + Complex Deployments

Enterprise Identity

Legacy IT can be a massive burden

  • Key concerns that slow modernizing enterprise IT are:

Consumer IAM

Build Seamless Customer Experiences

  • Transform your business with modern, digital experiences your customers demand.

  • Okta powers frictionless customer experiences

Decrease Costs and Enhance Efficiency

Reduce the complexity and time it takes to update and with no hardware or on-premise software to maintain.

  • A single solution for Identity as a Service means fewer costs and less complex architecture
  • No hardware or on-premise software to maintain
  • Simple interface that makes administrators self-sufficient and not reliant on customization
  • High availability deployment means a resilient infrastructure less prone to costly disruption
  • Easy maintenance and automatic updates

Increased IT Agility

Ensure every user is secure with pre-configured integrations and a directory for on-premises, cloud, and mobile data access. Deploy security measures that follow users wherever they work.

  • Library of pre-configured integrations means faster changes and updates
  • Simple integration to a directory makes it easier to maintain a complex environment
  • Easily integrate with existing and future on-premise, cloud and mobile applications, as well as new services
  • Integrated multi-factor authentication eases the burden of delivering enhanced security

Additional Business Value

Build a rich experience incorporating APIs and SDKs for web and mobile applications with rapid deploy times.

  • Deploy web and mobile applications quickly to provide enhanced customer value
  • Programmatically federate with partners, or utilize self-service registration for contractors, partners, and customers to build stickier experiences
  • Easy integration using Okta’s broad developer Platform
  • Faster change management lets business respond to needs in near real-time