Mobile Platform

Secure, Seamless Mobile for the Enterprise

For many years, corporate IT departments looked to the desktop as the only way to present information from their corporate enterprise applications. With the advent and exponential growth in mobile computing, applications are no longer tethered to the desktop; users expect to be able to switch among desktops, tablets, or smartphones anytime, anywhere. Multi-channel, mobile environments are the new normal. Oracle helps simplify the mobile (r)evolution with a comprehensive mobile platform for the enterprise.

Develop Cross-Platform Mobile Applications

Oracle Mobile Application Framework is a hybrid mobile framework that enables developers to rapidly develop single-source applications and deploy to both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms.

Deliver Contextual, Targeted, and Collaborative Multichannel Web Experiences

The center of engagement for business, Oracle WebCenter helps people work together more efficiently through contextual collaboration tools that optimize connections between people, information, and applications and ensures users have access to the right information in the context of the business process in which they are engaged. Oracle WebCenter can help your organization deliver contextual and targeted web experiences to users and enable employees to access information and applications through intuitive portals, composite applications, and mash-ups.

Integrate Data and Services Across the Mobile Enterprise

Integration is one of the leading challenges of mobile application development. Oracle Mobile Platform supports and utilizes standard technologies and tools to expose many data formats and back-end business systems for exchange with any mobile application, and it supports all types of connections between applications on mobile devices.

Simplify Mobile Connectivity in the Cloud

Easily define mobile interfaces and APIs, and build mobile applications for your enterprise systems. Extend by connecting mobile developers with enterprise data and back-end services via the cloud. Empower developers, IT, and the business to deliver highly engaging mobile experiences. Any app, any device, any data – secure.

Secure Mobility Across All Layers

Securely extend identity services and policies to mobile devices through authentication, policy enforcement, and single sign-on between applications.