Delivery Centric is a leading system integrator in Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions in the APAC region. With substantial knowledge and experience in the delivery and designing of complex, large-scale IAM solutions, Delivery Centric is a natural choice for organizations and institutions embarking on digital transformation initiatives. Our team has full expertise in  the full IAM life-cycle: Design, Current state analysis, Design, Architecture and Delivery of solutions.

We are rapidly transforming businesses by securely connecting millions of customer identities across the digital platform. Built on the ForgeRock Identity, we deliver the highly tailored, relevant and secure experience to drive digital customer experience.

Organizations are increasingly adopting multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments to take advantage of the increased flexibility, availability, and scalability. This enables accelerated time-to-market while reducing complexity and saving time and money.

Identity is at the center of many business use cases, but legacy identity systems are not up to the task of integrating into today’s fast-paced, modern environment.

ForgeRock is the leader in digital identity management. Our Identity Platform is the first digital identity platform that can be easily deployed to any cloud environment for millions of identities -in minutes.

ForgeRock Access Management (AM)

ForgeRock Access Management is a single, unified solution that provides the most comprehensive and flexible set of services to meet today’s identity and access management (IAM) requirements. ForgeRock Access Management is built to orchestrate and manage access at scale for any use case, including workforce, consumer, IoT, and APIs.

Using a variety of next-generation features and capabilities, you can:

  • Provide an exceptional user experience journey for any use case with different authentication journeys for varying profiles.
  • Give users context-aware single sign-on (SSO) access and a personalized experience via any digital channel.
  • Foster user confidence and engagement by respecting their privacy and data with configurable user consent management and control.
  • Give consumers simple-to-use, fine-grained controls to manage, share, and audit data about themselves, their devices, and their things.
  • Ensure high scalability and availability to support an infinite number of applications, services, users, IoT things, and APIs.
  • Support no compromise security using a Zero Trust security model, from client-facing apps to the edge.

ForgeRock Identity Management

Identity Management is purpose-built for today’s digitally connected world where all these things are simply expected. We combine our flexible identity model and lifecycle management with relationship management and the relationship lifecycle layer above the core identity engine.

In an increasingly digital world, everyone has multiple digital identities – whether they are an employee, contractor, customer, or parent. This is also true of devices. All of these identities need to be created and managed at the right time, so that they have the right level of access to resources as they switch roles. When appropriate, access has to be revoked and accounts deleted.

Identity Management enables you to set up data aggregation from various sources and create the identity relationship model at a granular level (parents, children, friends, and so on). The model can be extended to devices they own or carry and can define a simple relationship (such as a corporate laptop, personal phone, and leased car). This allows you to build solutions that can leverage this relationship data and make business and security decisions appropriately.

ForgeRock Identity Management provides data visualization to identify the relationships of any user, device, or thing to detect anomalies in access or provisioning quickly and efficiently. You can also embed these dynamic visualizations into reports so that administrators or authorized users can review them and drill down to get further details in order to perform analysis or triage.

In the new digital economy, new customer-centric banking models are transforming financial services. Open Banking creates a new set of technical requirements to ensure customer data is secure and only accessed with authorization and consent. The Open APIs make it possible for third-party providers (TPPs) to enter the banking and payment ecosystem, delivering unprecedented innovation and competition.

ForgeRock is a key enabler in making Open Banking a reality through the development of a cloud-based sandbox application: the Model Bank. The Model Bank, in concert with the ForgeRock Directory, enables you to demonstrate and test functionality designed for an Open Banking ecosystem.

Delivery Centric can safely demonstrate and test the functionality for your Open Banking ecosystem, enable connection and functional testing for TPPs, meet the Consumer Data Rights (CDR) regulation, offer a great developer experience, and allow us to support your production CDR efforts.

Delivery Centric can help businesses in every industry connect information security policies, procedures and practices with business goals. Our security leadership experts, backed by our team of consultants, can provide the experience you need to take your program to the next level.

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