Executive Search

Evaluating executives in terms of their suitability for a specific corporate environment and position requires extensive business experience and a profound understanding of the client, their needs and those of industry.

Access to the market, the right networks, the capacity to convince, the ability to express a judgement without hurting the feelings of the candidate, the use of empathy and emotional intelligence… Those are the qualities that make a successful Executive Search professional.

It cannot be doubted that we are experiencing a profound redefinition of what used to be traditional business roles. New skills, diversification, globalisation, electronic commerce and new technologies, flexibility and speed to market are some of the key elements that are affecting company structures; but this change of paradigm can only be successful with the right people at the helm. This is why Executive Search companies will continue to play a major role in the war for talent.

Executive Search Process: Target the Right Executives, Enabling Our Clients to Hire Greatness

Integrated People Solutions’ main focus is to identify and place executives that positively impact your organization’s bottom line. The following is a time typical search:

  • Assemble Search Team – Identify the search lead and researcher with appropriate industry experience.
  • Finalize Position Specification – The Position Specification serves as a working guide to the search staff and helps us narrow the focus to those candidates who meet or exceed all of your criteria and expectations.
  • Develop Search Strategy – We develop a search strategy that includes the industries and companies that will yield the most fertile source of recommendations, referrals, and potential candidates.
  • Confidential References – Confidential and discreet reference and background checking occurs throughout the process and is integral to how we identify potential candidates.
  • Presentation of Candidates – Once we have identified, interviewed, and evaluated these individuals, we will present the best qualified to you by means of an in-depth candidate profile.
  • Final Selection and Negotiation – The final selection and offer, of course, are your responsibility, but we remain as involved as you desire throughout all negotiations, and monitor the successful candidate between acceptance and start date.