Custom Integration

Out-of-the-box implementations are always preferred, but unique requirements may not be possible to achieve without customization. All Oracle Identity Management products provide plug-in or connector framework to extend the functionality to serve customers specific needs. We have a team with a diverse set of skills that can perform:

  • GUI Customization for OIM
  • Customization of existing OIM Connectors
  • OIM/BPEL Approval WorkFlow development
  • Design and development of user registration process
  • Design and development of custom authentication and authorization framework
  • Developing OVD Plug-in or adapters
  • Developing migration scripts
  • Think & Study

    Project success with Delivery Centric begins right out of the gate in the initial study phase. We work with our clients to identify requirements and develop documents relevant to project startup and lay the foundation for a rewarding collaboration from the beginning. During the study phase, our experts work closely with your subject matter experts so we can understand the typically overlooked details. During this phase, we facilitate requirements sessions and JAD sessions with customers.

  • Research

    Once we complete our study activities, we move on to the next phase crucial to a successful project: a comprehensively researched and documented design. With our years of experience and in-house industry experts, we craft a rock-solid project design that you can depend on for years to come because we know that the best ideas are useless unless they stand up to the test of time.

  • Plan

    During the planning phase specific testing of designed components is conducted by our technical teams insuring project capabilities are architecturally consistent with developed design specifications. Planning and design cases directly link to our clients requirements insuring features are being delivered and that black box testing techniques are incorporated. At this stage, our best-in-the-business experience testers assess cases and test each of our prototypes, documenting expected versus actual results throughout before implementation. During the planning phase training is also conducted which is a critical component of all projects. It teaches our customers the skills and techniques required to manage the new application so long-term project maintenance can be managed by their internal teams. On each of our projects, we develop at least two types of training curriculums. The first is for System Administrators/Technical Administrators and the second is for end users.

  • Implement & Benefits

    Once complete, we move on to the next phase: Implement. Implementation includes both a detailed implementation plan as well as user acceptance testing, which allows end populations — in other words, the users the project will impact the most —early access to the “almost final” product. This input helps put the finishing touches on the final product making it as user friendly as possible. Once the project has been signed off on, the changes are promoted into the production environment, tested by technical and business users, and then rolled out into production. Post production implementation, an additional benifits methodology phase may be utilized to clearly understand the benefits realized by the solution Delivery Centric provided.