Assessment and Advisory Services

Delivery Centric assessment methodology is a consistent, standardized, and repeatable process for assessing current capabilities across one or more components of the Identity Management Landscape.

The Identity Management assessment consists of the following four stages that build upon each other:

  • Kick Off

    The assessment Kick-Off stage is designed to create a foundation of fundamental information necessary for executing a successful assessment. During the Kick-Off stage, roles & responsibilities and key stakeholders are identified. A communications plan is developed to add structure in how we engage our client personnel. Additionally, a project work plan is created to drive the assessment and show task assignment, dates, and completion status.

  • Discovery

    The Discovery stage is designed to collect information about current state (“As Is”). Interviews and inventories are conducted to collect current capabilities, systems/architecture and desired business requirements/capabilities.

  • Assessment

    All information collected during the Discovery stage is assessed for strategic viability based on enterprise standards and “Best Practices”. Additionally, gaps in identity management capabilities, systems/architecture and processes are identified.

  • Roadmap

    The final stage of the assessment is a culmination of all information collected, assessed and gaps identified. A Roadmap is developed based on current state and desired capabilities identifying recommendations for capabilities, systems/architecture, new/re-engineered processes. Additionally, a high level plan for implementing short, mid, and long term components is created addressing both tactical and strategic actions.